Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Sewing: Bow Front Bag

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my Summer Sewing Goals? Well. Here is another one I can cross off.
I started with this shirt from... you guessed it...the free bin. I liked the ticking pattern, but when I put it on it was so shapeless. I thought about just trying to tailor it....but I don't need anymore shirts right now. What do need is a spiffy purse!!
You can see above the front of the original shirt with lots of pin tucks.
Basically I made two rectangles, rounded off the bottom corners, made a long strip and sewed it in between the two sides. I'm gonna be honest: it was kind of all over the place. Not my most thought out project, but still fun.

I used a yellow and white plaid Cotton for the lining. I had lots of bits of this in my sewing stash (yes, I have one). You can see in the above picture what I meant about making two rectangles, rounding off the corners and then a long strip to sew them together

You ready for the finished bag?
Here it is in it's sewn glory::

(Do you like my photography skills?)
Let me just say I'm kinda in love with bows right now.

The back of the tote. I used a pocket from the shirt to make an outside pocket on the bag. I could have sewn it on a bit better though.
An up close of the sublet yellow plaid lining.

Only three more days until our big move!
Once we're in San Diego you can expect me to fulfill the rest of my summer sewing goals.

Oh an if you're interested, I found these very cute bags on craftster.

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