Friday, July 9, 2010

Simplicty= Boo

I keep  hearing lots of people lately say that patterns aren't made like they used to be. In the fit I mean. Also there are issues of standardizing the sizing. I am in favor of fixing both of these issues. Let me draw your attention to Exhibit A:

I bought this pattern at JoAnns when they were having one of their crazy pattern sales (Hobby Lobby also has great sales as well, being $.99 or $1.99). I think I was drawn in my view C and D with the fluttery sleeves. I don't know. Maybe my first mistake was buying it, but I had it in my patterns for many months and decided to make it this past week. I have this interesting plaid-like sheer material (Also on major sale at JoAnns) that I wanted to use before I moved. I don't have a lot of patterns here in Hawaii- a left most of them back at my moms house in Kentucky. So I thought I'd try it out.

The result was something less magical than I'd hoped. You're probably wondering why I'm not wearing in the picture....well that would be because after I made it, the blouse didn't fit!
The overall design of the shirt isn't great. They seriously don't make the beautiful fitting and use of interesting technique sewing  patterns like they do in older patterns.
I have older simplicity patterns that I do like a lot, although now that I think about it, none of them are really fitted. They all seem to be loose and flowy. Not that there's anything wrong with the potato sack look....
I was horribly disappointed to realize that after I'd sewn the whole thing together that it was too tight in the chest and arms. I cut this pattern out in a size that I have used for other garments by the same manufacturer(simplicity 12) and often it comes out just a tad too big. So I thought I'd err on the side of large because it is loose blouse. So why did it end up too tight?
Also, I realize that the front gathers and insets are a bit ski-wompous. But it would have still been wearable had it actually fit...
Sham on you pattern manufacturers with you ambiguous fitting and poor sizing continuity!

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Rebecca Waldron said...

A+ for effort, Dana! Sorry the pattern was lame. Simplicity? more like LAMEplicity. I am hilarious.