Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Non Sewing Related: Hiking Trek

This is a non sewing related post but I thought I'd share anyway. On Friday I went on a Trek with my good friend Emily. We started at the Kahuku Golf Course and walked to Turtle Bay by way of the beach. I found one article about it. I didn't think to research it but I was glad I brought plenty of water because it ended up being 8 miles. (as opposed to 4 miles by Kam Hwy)

Here are some pictures I took. I would have taken more but I forgot to charge my camera before I left so it died right when we got to the really beautiful rocks.
It's very secluded because there are no roads that lead to it. You have to cross the fairway or walk along the golf cart path to get to the beach. There's a surf spot right when you get to the beach by the golf course called Seventh Hole, but I've never gone.
It's really quite rocky most of the way- not suitable for swimming 

I found a dried up eel. it smelled like a wet dog. I also got the worst sunburn of my life (no joke). We were out from 9am-2pm. Don't get sun cancer! I put sun screen on two times but no where it counts I guess.
The first part had lots and lots of washed up trash. It was depressing
All of those little white things are broken pieces of plastic mixed with the occasional shell.
It reminds me of the Craftzine contest to Save our Oceans. For real.

These are the rock formations that are spoken of in the Honolulu Examiner article I found

All in all it was a beautiful day. I wish my camera had held out and I'd put on more sunscreen. Ever since I read this article from Surfline I got freaked out.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Sewing Goals

Okay, okay...I know it's is already the end of June (where does time go?) but I think there's plenty of time left to make some summer [sewing] goals.

1. Make   3  2 swimsuits(technically I've already made one which I'll post soon, but I don't know if it counts)

2. Sailor front shorts/pants/skirt (like these cute ones)- hopefully in time for July 4th! Is that this weekend already? I know July 4th doesn't necessarily mean sailor but lets me honest- the colors definitely meld. I used to have some sailor pants but who knows what happened to them (real ones made from wool, so itchy).
Here's a cute take on them:

But I think I'll try to make something more with a front like these
I'd also like to make a paper bag waist skirt, but we'll see what happens.....

3. Bow front bag. I have all kinds of random fabric laying around that are too small of pieces to use for clothes. (Up until this point I have been making mostly clothes, but I'm thinking I need to branch out). I have some white/black/ red striped fabric which I'll think I'll whip up soon. I stumbled upon this blog and I'm in love. So inspiring.

4. Use up some of my excess fabric before I move!

This one is uber important. I'm moving in less than three weeks. We'll be leaving Laie for San Diego. It's bitter sweet but I'll be glad to be back on the main land.

5. Finish projects from my refashion/free bin pile
Along with moving I have to use up my free bin pile. Whatever I don't get to is probably going back to the free bin.

Non Sewing related goals:

working out (of course...) but I want to be able to do at least one pull up by the end of the summer. I want to learn some tumbling when we get to SD and I need to work on my upper body strength. I'm getting there, and ....

reading: by the end of last summer I felt like I hadn't had too many good summer reads. So far I've read

Le Divorce by Diane Johnson, which I just found out was a movie! I'll have to netflix it

My Year of Meats by Ruth Ozeki

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I liked it but it made me sad....

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I don't read a lot of nonfiction but I definitely found this very interesting

and I'm almost finished with The Confederate General Rides North but Amanda C. Gable. I foudn this randomly in the library and apparently it just came out. So far I am enjoying it a lot. It makes me want to go to every Civil War historical site- which Chris would love.

My favorite genre of books however are memoirs. I especially enjoy Frank McCourt, David Sedaris, and Susan Jane Gillman

So I'll have to keep updating on my progress. Here we go!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our DIY Wedding, May 2009

A year too late? I hope not. I wanted to post the results of out DIY wedding in San Diego last May. I know in earlier posts I had mentioned different aspects: food, dress, decorations, etc.
I followed the example of the 2000 Dollar Wedding huge which was a huge an invaluable resource and inspiration. I really loved their motivation behind it so we decided to do something similar. Overall, it really quite simple: we have our sealing ceremony in the San Diego, CA temple (which looks like a castle, btw), took pictures outside and then went to Mission Bay Park in Mission Bay (about 20 minutes south of the temple) and had a ring ceremony and reception.

We decided (or I guess I decided) on green and yellow for decorations, which in fact were quite minimal. The Bouquets were probably the most expensive thing BUT they were incredibly beautiful. We thrifted the glass bowls for the centerpieces. Also we reused the lemons and limes later on for juice.

1. table settings at the reception were thrifted glass bowls filled will lemons and limes 2. my husband and I during our ring ceremony 3. gorgeous bouquet filled with lilies 4. back of my dress which i got for free. also i had my sister do my hair 5. my mom and I outside the temple 6. a few bows on the trees in the park 7. my best friend natalie (left) and my only sister Kelsey(right) picked out their own black skirts and yellow tops

One of my very good friends from Kentucky came to take out pictures. Later I wished that maybe I could have her be more guest than photographer, but I was glad I knew her and it wasn't awkward introductions. Also, wedding photographers can be a fortune! We really tried to keep it around $2000, which I think we might have gone over because we stopped keeping count. The Park was cheap- just a permit to do the wedding.

1. Cutting the haupia cake 2. guitarists playing while we walked down aisle 3. the guests during reception 4. a close friend juggling the fruit : )

The weather threatened clouds but cleared up to be beautiful and sunny. Chris' two friend played the guitar as I walked in, which way waaaaay better than anything we could have plugged into an iHome. The grassy area is a kind of pennisula in the very interior of mission park. We had the tables set to the left of the chairs and had the guests move the chairs over to the table

1. my dad walking my down the [grassy] aisle. I pinned in the netting to my bun and flower 2. cake holder for cutting cake 3. his green socks, my yellow shoes 4. Mom with nephew and cakes 5. brides maid playing croquet 6. dad and me outside the temple

I wanted to make the cakes for the reception. I don't know where I got that crazy idea, and it was a lot of work, but I'm glad I did. I had tons of help of course. In the picture you can see all 5. We only had about 50 guests (close friends and relatives) so 5 cakes was plenty. From far to near: Haupia (coconut) the one we cut, Lemon, Pineapple and cherry Angel Food cake, Chocolate Lava, Carrot Spice. The Haupia kept wanted to melt all the whipped cream off the outside on the way to the park but it ended up looking fine.
My wedding dress was also a DIY. I got it for free and sewed it to my specifications. More on that later!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank you, Free bin

Let me first and foremost say that I love the free bin. What's the free bin you ask? Well, let me enlighten you: it's a place in our apartment complex office, a bin you might call it (actually it's more like a whole corner) with free stuff. Where does the free stuff come from? In an area where there's a high volume of people moving in and out, lots of useful stuff- that might otherwise get thrown in the trash- is placed here for others to have at. Hence, I love it. Think of it as a free store or a community freecycle where you can offer up your still-useful stuff. Granted, I often find things that really don't belong: broken appliances, dirty clothes, unmentionables, and plenty of other things that I would deem "trash." Despite the gross stuff I have found tons of great stuff. It's like a free thrift store. Clothes are the largest component of the free bin and I am not shy in saying that I have whole-heatedly taken advantage of this! No, I don't glutton myself on all kinds of things that I really don't need, but I have found many refashionable items. In the future if I refer to the "free bin" you'll know I'm not completely crazy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My picks of the Week: June 21

First order of business: my picks of the week. This summer is all about stripes, neutrals, and subtle floral prints. Here are a few of my favorites from anthropologie. Always beautiful!

Always beautiful!
However, I absolutely love the neck detailing around the neck on this one:


I don't know if I'm loving the acid wash/tie dye thing though. I think I will put this in my variation pile.

It reminds me of the top of this dress from Butterick 4657. I think this might look better with a simpler skirt, and throw away that jewel, but the neck line is sooooo great.
Perusing their patterns, I cam across this one that I also really like. However, it's only suitable for knits, which worries me about the clingy factor.


I also like these two casual tops from Simplicity


What the ruffles? Hahah. Version C of this tunic/dress is okay, but what the ruffle is around the hem of your dress? Noooooo. Haha. Too much, simplicity. Let's not get carried away.

Blog Relaunch

I have unofficially, officially relaunched my blog. However that works....

I have resolved to actually post my projects, tutorials, links and inspiration here.

Keep a look out for lots of projects and posts in the near future!

much love,