Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey There! Remember me? And a blue skirt.

Remember how I said I'd be back? Well I finally got a picture of a recent skirt. I've been on a skirt kick lately. Go figure!
Do you remember my white skirt from a few posts back? You guessed it...its' the same McCall's pattern. I really am in love with this skirt. For starters: it's navy blue!, it makes me look like I have a waist, it was easy to sew, and the length is short enough to be modern but long enough to still meet my coverage needs. Definitely loving it.
It has front pleats, which I was apprehensive about at first, but now realize that they are very flattering.

Is there a back drop behind me? OH  wait, that's just how beautiful Kentucky is... (ignore my weirdy face)
And this last one just because I like it

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm a mess!

I haven't posted in nearly a millenia. I've got so many things brewing though, that I rather ought to be. I'm back home in Kentucky right now until the 1st. I promised myself that I'd upload some posts so soon. I even wrote it down in my day planner. I've just been procrastinating in the putting it all together. But no fear, I will make a grand re appearance shortly.