Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank you, Free bin

Let me first and foremost say that I love the free bin. What's the free bin you ask? Well, let me enlighten you: it's a place in our apartment complex office, a bin you might call it (actually it's more like a whole corner) with free stuff. Where does the free stuff come from? In an area where there's a high volume of people moving in and out, lots of useful stuff- that might otherwise get thrown in the trash- is placed here for others to have at. Hence, I love it. Think of it as a free store or a community freecycle where you can offer up your still-useful stuff. Granted, I often find things that really don't belong: broken appliances, dirty clothes, unmentionables, and plenty of other things that I would deem "trash." Despite the gross stuff I have found tons of great stuff. It's like a free thrift store. Clothes are the largest component of the free bin and I am not shy in saying that I have whole-heatedly taken advantage of this! No, I don't glutton myself on all kinds of things that I really don't need, but I have found many refashionable items. In the future if I refer to the "free bin" you'll know I'm not completely crazy.

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