Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Non Sewing Related: Hiking Trek

This is a non sewing related post but I thought I'd share anyway. On Friday I went on a Trek with my good friend Emily. We started at the Kahuku Golf Course and walked to Turtle Bay by way of the beach. I found one article about it. I didn't think to research it but I was glad I brought plenty of water because it ended up being 8 miles. (as opposed to 4 miles by Kam Hwy)

Here are some pictures I took. I would have taken more but I forgot to charge my camera before I left so it died right when we got to the really beautiful rocks.
It's very secluded because there are no roads that lead to it. You have to cross the fairway or walk along the golf cart path to get to the beach. There's a surf spot right when you get to the beach by the golf course called Seventh Hole, but I've never gone.
It's really quite rocky most of the way- not suitable for swimming 

I found a dried up eel. it smelled like a wet dog. I also got the worst sunburn of my life (no joke). We were out from 9am-2pm. Don't get sun cancer! I put sun screen on two times but no where it counts I guess.
The first part had lots and lots of washed up trash. It was depressing
All of those little white things are broken pieces of plastic mixed with the occasional shell.
It reminds me of the Craftzine contest to Save our Oceans. For real.

These are the rock formations that are spoken of in the Honolulu Examiner article I found

All in all it was a beautiful day. I wish my camera had held out and I'd put on more sunscreen. Ever since I read this article from Surfline I got freaked out.

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