Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our DIY Wedding, May 2009

A year too late? I hope not. I wanted to post the results of out DIY wedding in San Diego last May. I know in earlier posts I had mentioned different aspects: food, dress, decorations, etc.
I followed the example of the 2000 Dollar Wedding huge which was a huge an invaluable resource and inspiration. I really loved their motivation behind it so we decided to do something similar. Overall, it really quite simple: we have our sealing ceremony in the San Diego, CA temple (which looks like a castle, btw), took pictures outside and then went to Mission Bay Park in Mission Bay (about 20 minutes south of the temple) and had a ring ceremony and reception.

We decided (or I guess I decided) on green and yellow for decorations, which in fact were quite minimal. The Bouquets were probably the most expensive thing BUT they were incredibly beautiful. We thrifted the glass bowls for the centerpieces. Also we reused the lemons and limes later on for juice.

1. table settings at the reception were thrifted glass bowls filled will lemons and limes 2. my husband and I during our ring ceremony 3. gorgeous bouquet filled with lilies 4. back of my dress which i got for free. also i had my sister do my hair 5. my mom and I outside the temple 6. a few bows on the trees in the park 7. my best friend natalie (left) and my only sister Kelsey(right) picked out their own black skirts and yellow tops

One of my very good friends from Kentucky came to take out pictures. Later I wished that maybe I could have her be more guest than photographer, but I was glad I knew her and it wasn't awkward introductions. Also, wedding photographers can be a fortune! We really tried to keep it around $2000, which I think we might have gone over because we stopped keeping count. The Park was cheap- just a permit to do the wedding.

1. Cutting the haupia cake 2. guitarists playing while we walked down aisle 3. the guests during reception 4. a close friend juggling the fruit : )

The weather threatened clouds but cleared up to be beautiful and sunny. Chris' two friend played the guitar as I walked in, which way waaaaay better than anything we could have plugged into an iHome. The grassy area is a kind of pennisula in the very interior of mission park. We had the tables set to the left of the chairs and had the guests move the chairs over to the table

1. my dad walking my down the [grassy] aisle. I pinned in the netting to my bun and flower 2. cake holder for cutting cake 3. his green socks, my yellow shoes 4. Mom with nephew and cakes 5. brides maid playing croquet 6. dad and me outside the temple

I wanted to make the cakes for the reception. I don't know where I got that crazy idea, and it was a lot of work, but I'm glad I did. I had tons of help of course. In the picture you can see all 5. We only had about 50 guests (close friends and relatives) so 5 cakes was plenty. From far to near: Haupia (coconut) the one we cut, Lemon, Pineapple and cherry Angel Food cake, Chocolate Lava, Carrot Spice. The Haupia kept wanted to melt all the whipped cream off the outside on the way to the park but it ended up looking fine.
My wedding dress was also a DIY. I got it for free and sewed it to my specifications. More on that later!

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