Monday, June 21, 2010

My picks of the Week: June 21

First order of business: my picks of the week. This summer is all about stripes, neutrals, and subtle floral prints. Here are a few of my favorites from anthropologie. Always beautiful!

Always beautiful!
However, I absolutely love the neck detailing around the neck on this one:


I don't know if I'm loving the acid wash/tie dye thing though. I think I will put this in my variation pile.

It reminds me of the top of this dress from Butterick 4657. I think this might look better with a simpler skirt, and throw away that jewel, but the neck line is sooooo great.
Perusing their patterns, I cam across this one that I also really like. However, it's only suitable for knits, which worries me about the clingy factor.


I also like these two casual tops from Simplicity


What the ruffles? Hahah. Version C of this tunic/dress is okay, but what the ruffle is around the hem of your dress? Noooooo. Haha. Too much, simplicity. Let's not get carried away.

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