Monday, July 12, 2010

Mens Button Up Shirt to cute ruffle front shirt

I know, I  know. There are one zillion mens shirt refashions. And you know what? I love them all.

This men's button up shirt refashion is pretty straight forward. I  don't haveabefore picture but just imagine a large blue and white mens button up shirt. (ha) I cut off the sleeves, sewed up the sides, cut off the collar (but left it so it was like a mandarin collar, made the sleeves smaller and shorter and sewed them back on. The last thing I did was to take some leftover pieces from the sides, ruffle them up andsew them next to the button placket. Does that sound like a lot? It really wasn't. I'm sure I'll do it again.

Big shout out to the free bin for providing me with this shirt and to lex from Made By Lex for providing me some inspiration.

My camera can't handle the tiny check! It's doing some crazy designs. I left the ruffleand collar with raw edges because I liked the way it looked.

Oh yeah, I put a little piece of elastic in the back waist to give it some shape.

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