Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink Shirt ReCon

I'd liket o thank the freee bin for giving me the materials to make this shirt happen.
 It started as a regular [bubble gum] pink crew neck shirt and a white and gray stripped shirt.
First I cut the neck of the shirt off. It was cute but a little too constricting. I lined up the shoulder seams and just cut a circle out of the front to create a scoop neck.

This is the only in-progress shot that I took of the shirt while making it. After I cut the scoop I interfaced around the edge of the shirt with lightweight interfacing to give it some stability. I mostly just used scraps and small bits to go around the neckline since it was fusible. Here's what I mean..
Don't mind the food in the background; the only space to iron is on the kitchen counter!

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