Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bathing Suit Numero Uno finished

Okay, so I haven't posted enough the past few days. Shame on me.
I started this bathing suit a few weeks ago. It's made from a 4 way stretch (dance-like) jersey that I got for free. I have some more substantial weighted bathing suit fabric but I didn't want to ruin it; essentially this became my bathing suit muslin. I used Pattern School to make draft a complete block. I really liked creating it though. I was unsure of how to draft the halter parts and after I completed it realized where I went wrong. I think I maybe should have done a simpler design for my first bathing suit, but it did turn out alright. This is from earlier today at Kawela Bay (pronounced Ka-Vela) just part Turtle Bay on the North Shore. It's a beautiful secluded cove with the most amazing Banyon Trees. Also, they were setting up  to begin shooting for the next Pirates movie. Pretty cool
Okay I know this is a weird one but props to my husband for the pictures. It was so bright he couldn't see what he was shooting. Love him.
Obviously a one piece is more ambitious that a bikini (in my opinion); it has to fit more parts of your body at once.

The fabric isn't great, but it was free! (ps. not pregnant)

Please ignore my love handles. This is actually the second time I wore it.  I tried to finish it really quickly (hence why the back straps look wonky) to wear it to the beach a week ago. However, I soon realized where I had gone wrong. Just being in the water isn't so bad but I was surfing and the ladies, though quite petite, didn't want to stay put. (can you tell i usually wear a different bathing suit that comes up higher in the back)

What I learned: Somehow I managed to get the legs perfect. They fit well. I read Sarah at Vintage Bobbin attempt at making a bathing suit and how fitting the legs was hard. I guess I lucked out, but I couldn't get the sides and the top quite right. The halter top sides need to be more straight- mine are too curved. I tried to make it a mix between mono-kini and backless one piece but I just don't think it works in stretch. It may be hard to tell, but the upper sides gap horrendously. On top of that, the elastic (which I zigzagged on then rolled over and top stitched) kind of sticks out. Imma research and practice that more.

My ultimate goal is to create a vintage inspired one piece bathing suit that is not only cute, but stays on, especially while surfing!

I can't believe I'm going to put this last one on here but the water just looks so magical I can't resist.

PS!!!: protect your skin. I am still peeling something awful from my Kahuku-Turtle Bay trek from a week and half ago. Don't be dumb like me and get burnt! It's completely uncool.

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Rebecca Waldron said...

I'm still in awe of your sewing skills. Can I be your apprentice? The suit looks awesome!