Friday, July 16, 2010

Moving Day!

It's finally here: our moving day! Tonight we'll be heading back to San Diego.
We've been so busy packing, hence why I've been slacking on both posting and my summer sewing goals. Fret not though, becuase I'm going to be back on target soon. I can't wait to use my serger! Did I mention that I left a serger at Chris' parents house? Well that and my sewing machine. (which, let me tell you, only has two stitch functions: straight and zigzag.) I know those are the two most important in sewing basic clothing though, but also things like jersey-stitches and blindhems and buttons holes don't hurt! Big big big thanks to Adele for graciously letting me use her sewing machine while I've been here in Hawaii. I'm sad to go, but excited about the new phase in our lives. Look for my updates soon.

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