Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mens patterns, or the lack thereof

Is anyone disturbed by the amount (or lack of) patterns for men? What's a girl supposed to do. Perusing the men's pattern market= slim pickings. And I'm talking about a  real  pattern.
I flat out refuse to make my husband anything that has both genders on the cover, or labled "unisex" . Gross. Like these:

Hahahaha. Hah. Ha. Seriously? No.
But the only honest looking things I've seen are these:
This one from McCall's
and these from Vogue

Unless you want to make a vest. Then there's a bazillion patterns. Who knew they were in such demand?

Wait wait wait...I forgot about something....

Erica B blogged about an outfit she made her husband from some Kwik Sew patterns and it looks like they have some reasonable ones. And from what I've read apparently they're sizing is reasonably accurate

So I guess as I've done research (can I call it that) to write this post, I've stumbled upon more than I thought I would. Hallelujah.

On a lighter note... don't worry because I was able to find this "robe"

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