Monday, July 19, 2010

In San Diego, and a free bin dress

We made it. We're here. It been sunny and warm, but refeshingly cool in the shade. I have to adjust to the aridness in the air, I'm so used to thick bogs of humidity. We're going to explore the city today and run some errands but I though I'd post a dress a did a couple of weeks ago that I wore yesterday to church.

I found this wonder in the magical free bin. You know I love that thing! I just stumbled upon it. It was kinda weird looking but then I saw the front part which reminded me of this


I know it might be a stretch, maybe i was just thinking of the color and the pin tucks in front. Either way it had potential.

The first thing that needed to go was the lace around the neckline, too dowdy!

Overall this was extremely simple. Most of my sewing in the last few weeks has been quick projects to make a piece of clothing fit better. I took in the sides. There were pockets that I cut out when making the sides smaller but I was in a rush to pack up and thre them away, so I guess I won't be putting them back in. I Hemmed it up a few inches to make it more appealing on me and voila! a new dress. I was going to cut it down into a shirt but I'm in need of some summery dresses. It gets pretty warm here and a dress isjust what I'm in th market for.

I love the little ties that attach with a button. I pulled them around the back and then tied a little bow in the front. I really like how it turned out.
Chris wanted me to show off the braid I did in the front of my hair. I don't have any close pictures of it though.


Rebecca Waldron said...

Looks amazing! Love it.

Nicole and Garrett said...

you MADE this?? Wow! This is Nicole Barber, by the way, Chris' were in our ward for a little while... :)