Tuesday, July 6, 2010

White Skirt

I used this pattern, which is apparently out of print! Who knew? I made it once before in leopard print.. I know leopard print pencil skirt, who am I trying to fool? I made version C without the lace , but it came out really tight. I also didn't like the small waist band. This time I used version C with has front and back darts, plus the wide yoke of version B. I cut it a little bit bigger this time too. Much better. However, when I tried it on the bottom looked weird so I took in the side seams to taper the bottom more. I'm not sure I'm in love with it but it might grow on me. I had the white fabric laying around, jut enough for this skirt and it was too heavy to use for much else. I'm unsure about white on the bottom- I've always avoided white pants and skirts for good reason. Will this be a new me?

It was kind of wrinkled because I wore it to church. I'm feel like maybe these pictures aren't as flattering at I'd like them to be. Like maybe white doesn't have the same slimming effect as black.

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Rebecca Waldron said...

So cool! You basically drafted your own pattern and it looks great. Pics are adorable too!