Thursday, July 22, 2010


Okay, not much to update. We're here. Not much going on. Just mostly hanging around the house. The past few days have been very cloudy and hazy so beach time has been less than ideal. Also, the waves are large. I tired to surf on Chris' short board but I could barely paddle out ( 1. huge bunched up wetsuit, 2. short boards are a lot harder than long boards and 3. the size of the waves were terrifying me and it took loads of courage just to get out there)
As far as sewing goes....well I haven't done any! I know shame on me.
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my summer sewing goals. I got some fabric yesterday which I'm planning to use on a dress. Do you ever feel like the patterns you have just aren't quite good, interesting, or challenging enough? I'm starting to feel that way about all my sewing patterns.A little discontent.
I also decided to pick up some Fimo clay. I know it's not sewing related, but I thought I'd try making some earrings. I've never ventured into the world of polymer clay, avoiding some hokey-ness that can happen....
I'm going to break out the ol' sewing machine and if I've got time, try making some earrings.
But until then, lasagna for dinner!!

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