Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 9: Monochrome

What is it that all those cool kids are saying? Fail? Oh wait, I think it's EPIC fail.
Phew, now that I got that drama out of my system I can say that I wore a pretty standard outfit today. Is this challenge about wearing something ...extraordinary? Because I keep finding myself with either something pretty standard or something waaaayy out there. So here she is:

Those capris are from the free bin in Hawaii.Yessss.

Black striped shirt-which I love, black capris- which I also enjoy thoroughly, and black flats- which...guess what...I like those a lot too (I only wish they were the kind of shoes that are not only cute but are good on your feet. We all know most flats aren't all that comfortable). Okay, so all in all I really like all the things I'm wearing. And I like them together. Do I think they're wild and crazy? Maybe a little crazy because I went outside in all black in August.
I tried to find some outstanding color to wear today and I just didn't have much luck. Also, I had to find something that I could wear all day. I was at the computer a good portion of the day today (and not at my house) so I needed something practical. I have things I think are cute but just end up being impractical.


Anonymous said...

You look casual and pretty. Black is always perfect, in my opinion. I wear a lot of it too, and not because I'm goth. Just works, ya know?
You have the most gorrrrrgeous long flowing blonde hair! Sorry if I sound like a creeper.

Dana Bradshaw said...

Oh my goodness, thank you! Not a creeper at all. I just kept thinking of that song- back in black. Hahah. I'm glad I'm not the only one.