Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 10: Find a Closet Orphan

I think that most of the things we have as "closet orphans" are probably so for a reason....that reason most likely that they are frumpy. Do you agree? Because that's my take on the situation. Exhibit A:

 The above face describes my feelings perfectly.

This shirt is definitely frump. Did you know I made this? Yup, from Built By Wendy 4111.

I saw a really cute version of Six one Seven and hers looks really good. But not mine. Besides the fact that I made this about two years ago and my sewing skills were not where they are now, the pattern just did not work out for me. Why is that front thing so awkwardly low?!?! Can you tell me that?

And empire line? What was I thinking? The only reason I still have this is because I can't get rid of things that I've made. Can you blame me? Maybe a little.

So I put this on and wore it around for a while and then remembered that I had a true closet orphan that I could actually wear. Exhibit B:
A black dress. What's not to like? I realized I've had this dress for many a year. Too many maybe. It's black jersey and not in the best shape, you know how jersey gets. But I still think it's kinda cute. The only real problem with it being that it's kinda short now- you can't tell in the picture. But I like it.

And just because I like them:

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