Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 5: Belt it.

I love belts. I love them. Can I put that out there a little more? The song "I'm so in love with yoooouu" is playing in my head. A trip down memory lane: my friend and I in high school would always hit up the thrift store and would love when we found belts. Those elastic 80s ones with crazy fasteners, like metallic butterflies and circle attachments (how do you describe something so unbelievable). I wish I still had some of the ones from before. I do still have a few, but guess what? 20+ years starts to make the elastic...not elastic anymore. And gross. You  know when it stretches out and then just doesn't stretch back in? Yeah. That's these. I was totally surprised when a few years ago those became popular again. I wasn't in a crazy belt wearing phase then, nor would I have paid full price at a 'real' store, but I've found a few gems in my recent adventures. I'm sad to say that I haven't been thrifting very often lately. And I know I never finished my thrift store review. Shame on me!

This purple shirt reminds me of one from Natalie's blog: The Bobby Pin. She posted about Zara and a green polka dot top that wasn't unlike (in the print) the one I'm wearing. This one came from the thrift store a while back and I changed up the sleeves but never wore it because it still didn't fit right. But, I took the sleeves off. Actually it has no finished sleeves under my sweater- it's a secret! It's on the top of my list of things to finish. I've also had those green shoes for oh, about 6 years now. Or maybe 7. I love the color of them still. However, I think they're a little too pointy for now. I mean 7 years ago was about 2004, and in 2004-05 heels were definitely in the point stage. And they are so comfortable. That's the difference with Steve Madden and Charlotte Rusee (et al). One is more comfortable and holds up very well...and the other...yeah.

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