Monday, June 6, 2011

Gertie's Daily Dress...

Saw this dress on Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing. I thought it was amazing. It's not very often you find magically perfect eyelet dresses with sleeves. I didn't seriously consider making one until I saw her version.

The black is very...classy? Updated LBD or what? 
It wasn't until I went to the National City Swap Meet and found RED EYELET fabric with a flower motif that I thought "Hey, I could make that dress".  The beauty of the N.C. Swap Meet is that you can find different, interesting things. Had I been looking for red eyelet I surely wouldn't have found this. But luckily I did. And so I'm going to.

I've got a few patterns I want to try out- see what I can put together. I need more sleeve than Gertie's.
I love a good drop shoulder. I'm going to line mine.

So these are what I'm working with:
(I'm so lousy at altering patterns. Somehow that is still lost on me no matter how much time I take it doesn't work out)
My first instinct was to go with Butterick 5316. I made this dress about two years ago. I put it on recently and it did NOT fit well at all. At least...anymore. But looking at the silhouette it's similar with the little cap type sleeves. I don't like the waist seam though. I have a long waist and I'm finding it difficult to properly fit the waist seam on dresses (remember how I'm no good at altering patterns?)

So I thought I might go with:
McCall's 6201which I picked up yesterday. I'm not sure how the "cap sleeves" will translate but I like the fact that it's one long piece as opposed to having a waist seam. I'm going to make a sample and see how it goes.

Here's a better look at the fabric I got at the swap meet:

The eyelet flower motifs are about ~1.25" each.

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