Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National City Swap Meet

Yup. I went to National City. For the second time in my life, the first time being an accident. I'd recently heard that they were a good (and interesting/strange) resource for fabric. Yes, that's right, you heard me correctly... FABRIC. I've never been to a swap meet that had such oodles of fabric. I'm not saying that all of it was good, but I definitely did enjoy it.
 I'm so excited to be at the swap meet!
imagine this booth behind me times 6.
it helps if you bring a buddy(read: husband) to carry your purse/goods
while you dig through the elastics and trims.

 I'm thinking that most of it came from Tijuana. The majority of what I saw was medium to lightweight knits. A lot of it was in piles that you had to dig through. Did I mind? Not really. Most of the fabric is 60" wide.

A few people on Yelp complained about the parking lot. Does it look that bad to you? No, not really. It appears to have been a drive in movie theatre with the row inclines and spacing. Just drive IN BETWEEN the rows and not across them and you'll be fine. Also, you might see some mullets.

My spoils.
6 zippers for $2
Blue and white stripped fabric (2 yards@ .50) =$1
black swimsuit material= $1 a yard (but he gave me a lot extra, and said he would get more swimsuit material for next week, so I might have to go back!!)
polka dot jersey 1 yard= $1
red eyelet... not sure of the material, some kind of synthetic but not scratchy(2.5 yards @ $2)= $5
3 interesting neck trim things= $1
bra cups for my bathing suit (hopefully they are the right kind)= either $1 or $.50

Directions if you're interested in going:
Take the 805 South to the 54 West, follow until you see signs for the National City Blvd. and turn right. Go over the brigde and take the first right (I'm pretty sure) on the somewhat sketchy, unmarked road. It's 32nd street. [If you go too far, the next street will say 34th and you'll be thoroughly confused, like we were]. There's a parking lot down there. Bring cash.

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Natalie said...

I should learn to sew. But, one domestic thing at a time. I just barely learned I could cook and I'm working on my bass guitar skills. Sewing is next on my list...

Those fabrics look awesome.