Thursday, April 21, 2011

Books, the other special people in my life

Dead air space? So what?

I'm take a cue from Natalie and posting about some books I've read recently. I still need to finish my San Diego Thrift Store Review but I was sick for upwards 5 weeks (yes, 5 weeks and I still have a little weepy cough) and I just haven't been able to put it all together. So yeah: literature.

First off, last weekend I read the California Young Reader Medal Nominees for the intermediate level (grades 3-6) for 2011-2012 school year. We weren't able to vote on the nominees for this school year because we didn't have them, but next year we will.

 Alvin Ho, by Lenore Look
Cute, but my least favorite of all three.

The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis, by Barbara O'Conner
My absolute, hands down favorite of all three. Most definitely. This book is fantastic. Even though the two main characters are boys, I think girls could enjoy this too. I really liked it, and not just as an elementary read.

And last but not least is Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning, by Danette Haworth
This was in the middle for me. I like the descriptions of the Florida; it reminded me of my summers in Kentucky (except that we had air conditioning) but I thought it was definitely a GIRL book. Yeah, sorry. Also, the story got lost a couple times.
I hope Popeye and Elvis wins.

In other, some what related reading :

Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'Dell
I read this in an afternoon. I read it a loooong time ago (middle school, maybe?) but I forgot most of it. I also forgot how strangely unaffected the mood of the book is, and how solemnly sad. Definitely has a unique effect that you don't get from a lot of reads. Also, it's based on a true woman- The woman of San Nicolas Island- the Channel Islands off the coast of L.A. This is the craziest part (for me, at least).

Lawn Boy, by Gary Paulsen
As far as other elementary reading goes, I read this little gem last week in about two hours (it's 85 pages....). Loved it! So good. Such a cool break down of how stocks and capitalism works....superficially of course. But I'd recommend it to anyone.

As for grown-up books:

Stones into Schools, by Greg Mortenson
I saw some sad stuff on 60 mintues about some of his writings being untrue. It made me sad. I really enhjoyed Three Cups of Tea when I read it last summer. It's very disillusioning to see someone you look up to be....humanized.

The Baby Thief, by Barabara Raymond
I would not recommend this book. Nope. Though the subject matter was extremely interesting, the writing was. . . bad. Convoluted. TOO MANY COMMAS. Once I started to realize why I didn't like the way the author wrote, it was difficult to finish.
(Subject matter= interesting)  x  (the way the book is written= terrible) = would never recommend. Ever. Period. Don't read it.

The best book of my spring break was.....

Dewey, by Vicki Myron
This book rocks. I love saying things 'rock' now. Yeah, I know it's a book about a cat that lives in a library. Yes I realize that I work in a library. So what? I liked it. And to be real, it's more about Vicki thant the cat. Read it. I dare you. Then you'll see how sweet it is.


Rebecca Waldron said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, Dana! I didn't hear that stuff about Greg Mortenson. That's too bad! I really liked that book too.

I will definitely read Dewey because I love cats AND libraries.

Hope all is well in SD!

Katie said...

I need to read some books like this. I think I just might. How can I back down from such a dare? Thanks for sharing. :)

Natalie said...

I love blogs about books. So thanks!