Friday, June 24, 2011

Hats. Maybe I'll make one?

I decided to start with a visual.
HAT MAKING!!!! Wait to watch it until you finish this post.

This is a video on threadbanger. I made a hat like this about...oh, maybe three years ago? I think I wore it around my house two times and then ended up throwing it away because I wasn't really into it. And it was small. I looked around for the website that used then but I can't remember what is was. This video is about the same.

I want to make a hat. I know.. it's like, whaaaat? But the other day I got a wild hair (I won't finish this idiom) and wanted to make a hat. I think this started when I saw people wearing cute fedoras. I used to wear fedoras back when I was a teenager and I was the most ska things to ever happen to the greater Cincinnati area. Yeah. I was on fire.
you can visit their site here

I am so up to my eyeballs in projects right now. Do  you ever feel like you spend more time looking at things to make and other creative things than actually making things? I'm feeling that way.

I have to admit this post doesn't serve a lot of purposes
On the to-do list  (yes I write down a to-do list. I get it from my dad)

~Finish my flowered raglan dress
~Work on  my swimsuit
~Re-cut my tweed dress
~Draft a hat pattern

More to come soon? I'm sure.

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