Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Skirts at Anthopologie

Not sure if you've looked lately but Anthropologie has some great skirts this summer. I know that Anthropologie has had a lot of attention over the past year or so- really rocketing in popularity. And for a number of reasons I don't really care for them... BUT... I looked on their website because I was looking up a particular skirt that a friend of mine bought and saw a lot of cute ones. And by that I mean ones that I will probably take inspiration from. I haven't been sewing as often as I'd like and I think a skirt is just the ticket. I'm wearing skirts about 3-4/7 these days. That's substantial.

This one has seam details in the front instead of darts.

Really not into the color on this one but I do like the detail.
I think I'd omit the ruffle, but I'm for the angled buttons/pleats.
 I hope paperbag waists are still in vogue because I like them. . . 
I think anthropologie agrees.

 New England sea scape, anyone?
Can you tell I think A-lines right now? I have a lot of pencil skirts, but a-lines say summer to me.

And to save the best for last....This AWESOME green lace skirts. I should have bought some of that eyelet in another color and made a skirt like this. That's right up my alley (as my Dad would say : )

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