Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mini Book Review

Backstory: there's a library just a few blocks from my house. Half a mile at most. It's not a big library, but something about libraries is thrilling to me (if you know me, you know I currently work in a library as well). I sometimes go there to just peruse. I love craft, sewing and decorating books, but being a small library, they usually don't have a ton, especially ones I haven't checked out yet.

But alas, I came across this gem. Home Cheap Home: a room by room guide to great decorating  by the editors of Budget Living Magazine. Sometimes I roll my eyes at books like this...like "yeah that $700 coffee table IS a steal" (can you sense the sarcasm?) but there were a lot of things in here that I liked.

My favorite was The Collector living room.

I really, really love that dresser. I know it's probably "midcentury" (so sick of hearing that word! anyone else?) but I think the handles set the whole piece off. It's such a subtle change that I probably wouldn't think of it. I also wonder if you could pick up a dresser and add a base with legs to the bottom of it.

 The other thing in this book that really caught my eye was this cute suitcase turne side table/night stand. So do-able. They've just added legs. Plus, I really love the color.

The only thing I thought this book could use more of would be DIY projects, but overall I found it full of beautiful, interesting homes. So if you see it in the library, check it out. (And I'm not just saying that because I work in a library.)

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