Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stripped, Scrubbed, and Restained Dresser

This has been sitting in the draft section so I'll just go ahead an post it....many months overdue...

I bought this awesome vintage dresser at an estate sale. There was a little tag on the back that even said 1952. Cute! We have been in desperate need of a dresser for a long time (I don't want to admit how long), and so I'm always on the look out. Then I saw this guy and thought: project time. Oh, boy.
This dresser was. . . kind of a nightmare. I was excited to refinish it, which was the enjoyable part. It was the hauling it in and out of apartment that was brutal. If we had a small outdoor space, a patio for instance, this would have been much less painful. (Literally. I kinda sorta had to put it down suddenly, incidentally in the same space Chris' foot was occupying.) And this thing is HEAVY. Did I mention it's solid wood?
 At first when we were staining it and the drawers started looking crazy and burnt I almost lost it, thinking: I'm killing myself stripping and sanding and hauling and it looks terrible! But then I decided I like it. I made myself like it.

So maybe there is one handle missing. . .Here's the thing. At first we were planning on buying new handles and then decided that cool ones are really expensive so why not just paint the ones we have, right? Right. But I didn't keep super close tabs on all the screws and so when we put the handles on we were exactly two screws short. Nothing that can't be easily, but not lazily, remedied.

All in all I'm happy with how it turned out. Plus, I'm really glad we have a place to put our clothes instead of in the built in cabinets. No more camping for us!

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