Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coral Skirt

Dyed my hair red! It was so dark - this was a few days after I did it. 

I wore this a few Sundays ago for our talks in Sacrament meeting. I had so many people say they didn't recognize me. I think that was because I was getting flashy in my lacy top, not the hair. I re-did this skirt  I got at the thrift store. It started out it's life as a size 22. I like these skirts with a built in pocket & buttons instead of a zipper, because let's be honest, where else us ladies gonna keep our chapstick and tissues, amiright?


Larie & Abe Manutai said...

I love your hair and outfit!!! You look gorgeous!!! I wish I had your fair skin; I've always wanted red hair!

Stubbs Love said...

GORGEOUS LADY! I love those kine skirts too. I stole a couple from my grandma =) Hope you guys are doing well!

Natalie said...

Holy Hannah you are so beautiful.