Monday, November 2, 2009

Ya got an extra hunerd bucks?

Well...I'm not great at posting blogs, so I'll just do a regular one for right now- no pictures (ha).
This weekend Chris and I went to Costco to get one of those famous blue foam boards. I've been bugging him for a good two weeks about getting a surf board and I thought this would be the best option. He maybe thinks that I'll give up quick, and I'm pretending that doesn't describe me at all. On our way up there while we're driving past sunset beach-which, btw, they had the Xcel surf competition stuff up- a cop stops us and walks up to Chris' window and just goes "Ya got an extra hunderd bucks?" My mind was blown- there I was thinking this cop was asking for a bribe. I know Hawaii is a crazy place-but that's just too much! Then he goes- "where's you cell phone?" which confused us both EVEN MORE. Completely lost, the cop tells us that talking on your cell phone is illegal. Yeah, yeah we know but so what? Oh...well..turns out that itching your ear can be mistaken as talking on your cellphone to a cop standing on the side of the road. Note to self- don't itch ear while driving.

Also- Chris saw Dog the Bounty Hunter at the Haunted Lagoon this last Friday Night. Seriously. Dressed in full regalia with his full posse. And yes, Christ made eye contact.

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