Thursday, November 12, 2009

This One's a rant.

I think it's possibly about time for a rant. I'm due up. So here it is- and it comprises several things..

What's with people saying they love to shop? Do you realize how unbelievably shallow that sounds? Well, it does. I keep seeing people that write "Hobbies: SHOPPING!" or "I love to shop" ... why don't you just write "I'm so materialistic that I can't do anything meaningful." Seriously. Now here's where I chime in that, so you don't get me wrong, I like clothes just as much as the next girl; yes I do like getting new pretty things, and no, I don't buy my clothes at, ahem, walmart. But last time I checked hobbies included: skiing, sewing, exercising, building model cars, building real cars, woodworking, surfing, sports, and well, a whole slew of other activities.

Now reader you begin to think "what a prude." I know, I know, and maybe I deserve that. (Especially regarding my comment on a popular craft blog that said - stop posting about alcohol and post about CRAFTS). But I see numerous blogs about people lusting after clothes or jewelery or this or that. Does it really matter? I just wonder, isn't there something more productive we could do with our time; go outside, make something, spend time with friends or family, help someone even. I might not be making my point very clearly and now that I think about it goes for a whole lot more than just shopping... what's with people wasting their time? I'm starting to hate the internet and tv. Does anyone else feel like their soul is being sucked? (Before you start saying, "Well, Dana, why are you even on the internet now typing this post?" I will say that I have some free time at work and school while I have to sit at a desk with a computer, manning the front office. And it's been slow)
Anyways, back to what I was getting at: I used to spend a lot of time perusing craft websites (I won't name names, but you know who you are) and sewing blogs, but even now I realize how frivilous that is. I thought to myself one day "why am I looking at all the stuff I can make, when I could be making it right now?" So that's what I've decided to do. I've decided that everyday I will work on something- that's my hobby. Maybe that's not better than shopping, but I think it might be. I'm not doing this so I can have new, better, and shinier stuff. I'm doing it so that I can feel like 'oh wow I created that and I can see the fruits of my labor'.

That wasn't as eloquent as I would have liked.

On to my second point.
There is a certain "independent" website for people to buy and sell (won't name names) that through all their legal mumbo jumbo I'm starting to wonder what happened to independent? With so many restricitons and qualifications on EVERYTHING, I begin to wonder....isn't that what being independent is about? About not having to go through every legal precaution and just do something cool. Ok, ok that sentence didn't make sense. But come one. I know that they probably don't want to get sued and everything but it just seems like maybe they've...soldout. Sorry to have to use that word, but I think it just about sums up what I'm feeling. They commercialized! Hah. I was looking at an artists website and she said "and no, I don't use (insert name here) because I don't support something that makes you give them a credit card." TRUE THAT.

On that note- the sun is out and I hope it will be a good day.

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