Sunday, March 8, 2009

Decorations and other wedding ideas.

There's just a little over two months until the wedding. I just
looked at my google calendar and, guess what! I had on there for March 2nd to "send announcements". That's pretty funny considering I don't have them done. At all. I wanted to have them done by mid February. We can see how well that's going. Sometimes I feel whelmed about the whole thing. And then other times I couldn't care less- just let it happen.

I've been looking at decoration ideas. I really like the look of this fruit centerpiece.I think we'll fill glass vases with Lemons, Limes, golden apples, green grapes...etc. Green and Yellow Fruit of course.

I like the look of the metal too, but is that a mushroom??

I found this crazy site called Balloon Celebrations which is exactly what it sounds like. I'm loving the dinosaur. I don't think Christopher would be very happy about it though.

As far as decorations go, I'm not really sure what to do. It's a large open space. I like how this looks. I don't know how I feel about the term "flower Balls". We're going to have to set most of the thins up either really early in the morning or right before so I'm afraid if we used real flowers that they would wilt. Something simple on the asile chairs might be nice, like a bow or whatever people do. I think that something like this would look good around the perimeter so it doesn't feel so IMPENDING and OPEN.

It will (hopefully) look like a combination of these. It's located at
the end of the Mission Bay, Mission Point area.

We're not doing chair covers and we probably won't do an aisle runner. Those little tree's are a little weird but the location looks similar.

Flower petals? I don't know. I have extremely mixed feelings...but I do like the 'arch' in the back.

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